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[zerozoone] is a group that changes in number and types of elements that make up an open container for the research and design of places, objects and spaces. They develop architectures and landscapes that change over time, creating landscapes sensitive to changes. They develop an architecture where the environment (defined as that which surrounds us) is the generator of imput that create useful forms. [zerozoone] designes public spaces through the direct involvement of those who will use them.The search [zerozoone] intends to explore and imagine the possible quantum relations between things, people, places and spaces. Relations physical but also mental , such as those between individuals, coindividui, social groups, families; in relationship with each other and with the physicality of the places of the Universe.The purpose of [zerozoone] is to discover uncharted territories and make them part of the discipline of the project, as a medium and research tool rather than as a method of definition of the measure. The purpose of [zerozoone] is appreciate the virtuous relationship between artificial and natural in the territories of the planet. The purpose of [zerozoone] is the pursuit of the limits on which to build and to experience spaces materials. The purpose of [zerozoone] is the intimacy, and the social. Purpose of [zerozoone] is the extension.



Augusto Audissone: design|architecture
Silvia Cama: urban|lands
Carla Sartorelli: illustrations